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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Ghost Trap

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This is Creepy Castle, New Item! You are introduced to a new item, the Ghost Trap. You need to collect 3 eggs. You have unlimited Ghost Traps on this level.

Head down the ladder and go to your far left. On top of these bricks place a Ghost Trap. When a ghost hits a ghost trap, they will fall through the floor below, destroying the floor as they do, but only for bricks, not wood.

After the ghost starts heading right, grab egg #1.

You should be able to quickly get down the ladder, but you could always back up if needed too.

You should have time to collect egg #2, before the ghost gets down here. If not, wait to collect this egg until after setting the next Ghost Trap, since the egg will act as a barricade to the ghost.

The ghost will fall through the trap above, reaching the platform you are on.

Get on the brick floor and set a ghost trap, then get over to the left.

The ghost will fall through this trap and continue into the lava, where it will die.

Drop down the gap and collect egg #3.