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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Level 5

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This is Creepy Castle, Level 5. You have 4 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 2 Bridges, 1 Telewarp, 1 Ghost Trap, and unlimited Brick Switches.

Grab egg #1, found to your left when the level begins.

Go to the bricks on your left. When the ghost below is on the right side, use your Brick Switch item.

This will block the ghost, letting you drop down to the left. Use a Ghost Trap on your far -left.

Go to the bricks on your right. When the ghost starts moving right, use your Brick Switch item.

Now quickly climb down the short ladder here. The ghost will pass over your head.

When the ghost reaches your trap, it should fall through it and get trapped below.

Climb back up the little ladder, then fall down the ledge on your left.

Build a Bridge over the gap on your right.

Collect egg #2, found on the other side of your bridge.

Fall down the ledges on your right, landing on egg #3.

Build a Bridge over the lava gap on your left.

Get on your bridge and use a Telewarp to your left, through the wall.

You'll land on egg #4. Level complete!