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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Level 6

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This is Creepy Castle, Level 6. There are 10 eggs to rescue. The items available to you are 1 Bridge, 2 Telewarps, 1 Brick Switch, and 2 Ghost Traps.

Head over to your left, climbing up the little ladder, to reach egg #1.

Go over to the gap on the right and build a Bridge over it.

Walk over the bridge to collect egg #2.

There will be some bricks to your right. Use your Brick Switch item to move the bricks behind you.

Collect egg #3 on your right.

Climb down the ladder and grab egg #4 here.

Climb up the two smaller ladders here, then head to your right. The bricks you moved earlier will allow you to get into the alcove, below the ladder you see above you. Telewarp up to that ladder.

Climb the ladder. At the top of it collect egg #5.

Climb halfway down the ladder and grab egg #6 when the ghost is heading left.

Climb down the ladder and telewarp over the gap to your left.

Grab egg #7 on the other side of the gap.

Climb to the top of the ladder on your left. Grab egg #8 here.

Go halfway down the ladder and then head right, toward the next egg. Stand on the bricks in the middle of this platform. Set a Ghost Trap on these bricks.

Now grab egg #9 when the ghost is heading right.

Go down the ladder on your left and head right, toward the gap. You may have enough time to drop down the gap before the ghost does.

If not, drop down the gap when the ghost is walking rightward under it.

Get on top of the mini-ladder on your left to avoid the ghost.

When the ghost is heading right, quickly get on the brick part of that platform and set a Ghost Trap. Once the trap is set, walk over to the left, past the trap.

The ghost will fall through and eventually get stuck in a small pit on the right. You can then drop down the gap the ghost made.

Collect egg #10 on your left.