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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Level 4

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This is Creepy Castle, Level 4. You only have 1 egg to save. You'll have 5 Bridges and 4 Brick Switch items.

Create two Bridges over the lava pit to your left.

Climb up the ladder and face the bricks on your right.

Use Brick Switch to throw them down in the lava below.

Now go to the bricks on your left and use Brick Switch on them too.

Climb down the ladder. You can now cross the lava pit, using the bricks you tossed down here.

When you come to a gap on your left, build a Bridge over it.

Now use Brick Switch on the bricks to your left. They will land on your Bridge you made. The Bridge was just to prevent them from falling down below, later blocking your path.

Climb up the ladder and build a Bridge across the lava pit.

Fall down the left ledge.

Continue falling down ledges, until you are at the bottom of the level.

Head rightward, climb the mini-ladder.

Make a Bridge over the lava pit you come to.

Climb the ladder and walk over the tiny gaps. Use Brick Switch on the bricks in your path.

Climb the ladders to get egg #1. Level Complete!