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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Level 7

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This is Creepy Castle, Level 7. There are 7 eggs to rescue. The items available to you are 5 Bridges and 3 Brick Switches.

At the start of the level, drop down to your right, then drop down to your left.

Grab egg #1 to your right.

Then drop down and collect egg #2 on your left.

Climb two ladders on your right to collect egg #3.

Create a Bridge over the lava pit on your left. This will be needed later in the level.

From the upper part of this platform, create a Bridge to your right, on top of the ladder you last climbed.

Now build another Bridge to the right of that bridge.

This will let you reach the ladder on your right. Climb up it and grab egg #4.

Climb up the next two ladders. At the top, grab egg #5.

Create Bridges over the lava pits on your left.

Drop down to where you started the level. Use your Brick Switch on the bricks here.

Drop down to your right, then climb the ladder here. Use your Brick Switch item on these bricks.

Now drop onto those bricks and get to the left of them. Use your Brick Switch item again on them.

The bricks will now be stacked below. You should be able to fall on top of them.

Now head right and collect egg #6.

Walk to the far-right and drop off the ledge to fall on egg #7. Level complete!