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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Level 10

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This is Creepy Castle, Level 10. There are 10 eggs to collect here. The items available to you are 6 Bridges, 2 Telewarps, and unlimited Brick Switches.

Start by collecting egg #1 on your left.

Head down the ladder and drop to the bottom.

Walk to your left, past the ladder, to get egg #2.

Climb up the ladder and grab egg #3 on your right.

Stay on the platform where #3 was and build a Bridge to the left.

Build a second Bridge to the left of that as well.

Now you can grab egg #4.

Climb up the ladder to reach egg #5.

Climb up the next ladder and grab egg #6 on your left.

Go over to the bricks on your right. Telewarp past them.

Now use a Brick Switch item on them to drop them down the hole on your right.

Climb back down the ladder. Build a bridge at the right ledge. You can use this later to teleport back up here.

Drop off the end of your bridge and collect egg #7 on your left.

Walk over to the right and collect egg #8.

Climb the ladders and head right to get egg #9.

Go halfway down the ladder and walk over the bricks.

From the left side of the bricks, use the Brick Switch item on them. They will fall into the gap on your left.

Now walk back under that bridge you last made. Telewarp up to it.

Go down the ladder on your left, then over to the lava pit on your right. Build a Bridge over the lava pit.

It will take two Bridges to make it across.

Then cross the tiny gap and build a Bridge over the larger gap you come to.

Now just drop off the ledge on your far right to reach egg #10. The level is now complete!

Jump out the castle window and drop down.

You'll end up at some slimy platforms.

Drop down the sewer pipe on your right. You've made it to the Slimy Sewer!