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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Level 1

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This is Slimy Sewers, Level 1. You have 8 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 2 Bridges and 1 Slug Sucker.

A slug will fall from the platform above, heading rightward. You need to turn it around with the Slug Sucker, but don't suck it in.

Instead, climb down the ladder and let it pass overhead.

Once it passes, quickly climb back up the ladder and drop off the ledge to your right. Grab egg #1 on your left.

Then quickly drop down the right ledge and grab egg #2.

Climb down the ladder here, then grab egg #3.

Climb up the ladder to your left. You'll collect egg #4 at the top.

Make a Bridge to the left, from the top of the ladder. Use two Bridge pieces to make it long enough to reach the platform you need to drop to.

Drop off the left side of your bridge, and then the left side of the platform you land on.

Climb the ladder on your left to grab egg #5.

When it is safe, drop down to the right, into the pit with the slug. Use the Slug Sucker to suck the slug in.

Climb the ladder on your right to grab egg #6.

Then grab egg #7 at the bottom of this ladder.

Head left to grab egg #8. Level complete!