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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Instant Rock

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This is Slimy Sewers, New Item! You are introduced to the Instant Rock item. You need to collect 1 egg. You have unlimited Instant Rocks.

Stand on top of the ladder and throw an Instant Rock to your right.

This will create a block that you can cross the gap with.

In the next pit, you'll need to create two Instant Rocks.

Don't go down the ladder, just go to the right ledge and create an Instant Rock and drop down to it.

Drop down the right ledge. Create an Instant Rock on your left.

Then create one or two Instant Rocks to the left of that one.

Now create another Instant Rock to the left of that.

And finally, create one last Instant Rock to the left of that.

Collect egg #1 on your left. Level Complete!