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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Level 4

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This is Slimy Sewers, Level 4. You have 6 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 2 Bridges and 8 Instant Rocks.

Drop down the ledge on your left.

Then drop down the ledge on your right and grab egg #1 from the right.

Use the mini-ladders on your left to reach egg #2, found on the far-left.

From the step next to where the egg was, drop an Instant Rock to your left.

Get on the rock and drop an Instant Rock to your right.

Get on the rock you just made and drop another Instant Rock to your left.

Continue this pattern until you can reach the ledge on your right. You should have 2 Instant Rocks remaining.

Climb the ladder to your right.

Build a Bridge off the left ledge.

Climb the ladder on your right, then go to the left ledge and drop two Instant Rocks off it.

Drop onto the rocks and grab egg #3.

Walk to the end of the platform on your right to grab egg #4.

Drop off the ledge to your right and climb down the right ladder. Build a bridge over the gap on your left and grab egg #5.

Now go down the ladder to get egg #6.