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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Level 7

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This is Slimy Sewers, Level 7. You have 6 eggs to collect. The items you have available are 2 Bridges, 1 Slug Sucker, and 2 Instant Rocks.

Climb up the ladder and then build a Bridge off the right ledge.

Drop onto egg #1 when the slug isn't nearby.

Use the Slug Sucker to remove the slug.

Climb the two ladders on your right.

Go to the left end of the platform and drop an Instant Rock off the ledge.

Drop onto the rock and build a Bridge to the left of it.

Climb halfway up the ladder on your left, then grab egg #2.

Climb the ladder the rest of the way, then grab egg #3.

Climb the next ladder, then as the slug is heading left, quickly climb the second ladder, collecting egg #4.

Drop an Instant Rock to the left of the ladder. This will block in the slug.

Climb up the ladder on your right and drop off the right ledge.

Continue right, dropping off another ledge, then grabbing egg #5.

Go to your left and climb up the ladders as you did before.

Drop off the right ledge again.

Now drop off to the left to collect egg #6.