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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Level 8

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This is Slimy Sewers, Level 8. You have 11 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 5 Bridges, 1 Slug Sucker, and 4 Instant Rocks.

Drop off the left ledge of the platform you start on.

Collect egg #1 on your left when the slug starts moving left.

Quickly turn around and put an Instant Rock up against the right wall.

Then quickly climb up the ladder to your left, before the slug gets to it.

Go to the left side of the platform. Drop off onto egg #2 when the slug turns to the right.

Follow the slug rightward, then climb the ladder.

Walk to the right until you fall through a gap, onto a long ladder.

Climb down the ladder, then build two Bridges over the two gaps on your left.

Walk over to egg #3 on your left.

Climb back up the ladder on your right.

Drop off the left ledge, onto a small platform.

Build a Bridge to the left of this platform.

Now drop off the right ledge, onto a bridge you made previously.

Climb up the ladder on your right again.

Now build a Bridge on the left side of this platform.

Get on the bridge and drop an Instant Rock to the left.

Drop onto the rock and head right, collecting egg #4.

Go down the ladder to collect egg #5.

Go back up up the ladder and drop off the right ledges.

Climb the ladder on your right halfway. Get on the first platform you come to on your left. Build a Bridge off the left side of it.

Get on the small platform to the left of your bridge. Now drop two Instant Rocks to your left.

Grab egg #6 to your left.

Then climb the ladder here to grab egg #7. Climb back down when you are done.

Select your Slug Sucker item and drop off the left side of this platform. You'll fall on egg #8.

Quickly suck up the slug with your Slug Sucker.

Collect egg #9 to your right.

Then egg #10, near the ladder on your right.

Climb the ladder and head right to collect egg #11.