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Toki Tori Walkthrough Bubble Barrage - Bubble Suit

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This is Bubble Barrage, New Item! You are introduced to the Bubble Suit. You have 1 egg to collect. Your bubble suit starts with 5 moves.

Get on the right ledge and use the Bubble Suit to cross the gap, landing on the right platform.

Refill your bubbles by standing on the bubble source. This one will give you 5 moves.

Go up 4 moves and right 1 with the Bubble Suit. Your Bubble Suit will pop, but you should get on the upper platform.

Stand in the dual bubble source to your right. This will give you 10 moves.

You can easily use the Bubble Suit to get to the next bubble source above you with those 10 moves.

Then fill back up, receiving 10 more moves.

Use the Bubble Suit to cross the gap on your left. Make sure you have at least 5 moves left.

Walk over to the left side of this platform and use the Bubble Suit to get up to the next bubble source.

This will give you 15 moves. Drop back down on the platform below and head to the right side of it.

Now use the Bubble Suit to easily get to the platform above.

Grab egg #1 and you're done.