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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Level 2

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This is Creepy Castle, Level 2. You need to collect 5 eggs. The items you have available are 2 Bridges, 2 Telewarps, and unlimited Brick Switches.

Start by using Brick Switch to move the bricks on your left out of the way.

Collect egg #1 to your left.

Now go back over to the bricks you moved. Use a Telewarp to get to the platform below.

Collect egg #2 on this platform.

Make two bridges to your left, over the lava.

Climb down the ladder on your left, then Telewarp over the lava pit on your right.

Collect egg #3 here.

Drop down, between the movable bricks. Use Brick Switch on the bricks on the right.

Climb down the ladder and grab egg #4.

Climb back up the ladder and use Brick Switch on both sets of bricks to your left.

Now drop down and collect egg #5. All done!