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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Telewarp

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This is Forest Falls, New Item! You learn about a new item, which is telewarp. You need to collect 5 eggs. You have unlimited telewarps available.

When you start, you'll be trapped. You can press your Item button (B) to teleport. Then you press which way you want to teleport. You'll notice that the left wall is too thick to teleport through.

You'll need to teleport downward. Once it shows you a yellow outline of yourself, press A to do the actual teleport.

Now head left and collect egg #1.

Get in the center of this platform, under an egg. Then teleport upward, collecting egg #2.

Teleport left.

Now teleport upward to egg #3.

Fall down the ledges on your left.

Head rightward, over the bridge. Right before the gap, use your teleportation to cross over the gap and collect egg #4. If you fall in the gap, just go under the egg and teleport upward.

Now fall into the gap.

Collect egg #5 on your left. That's it for this level.