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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Level 3

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This is Forest Falls, Level 3. You have 5 eggs to collect. You have 1 bridge available.

Walk left as the level starts.

Climb the ladder and collect egg #1.

Head back down the ladder and head to your right. You'll come to a ladder heading both up and down.

You'll see an egg down the ladder, but don't get it yet. If you do, you'll be stuck.

If you get stuck, press the + button on your remote and choose Restart. This will start the level over from the beginning.

Instead, we want to leave that egg and climb upward.

Now walk to your right and climb down the ladder. Collect egg #2 on your right.

Climb up two sets of ladders. Careful of the Porcupine patrolling this area.

If the Porcupine hits you, you'll die. Choose Try Again to start the level over.

From the top of the ladder, head right and climb the top ladder on this map. Grab egg #3 at the top of it.

Now head left, through the log, but don't fall out of it.

Instead, create your bridge here.

Then walk over your bridge and fall onto egg #4.

Walk left and fall off the ledge.

Walk right and fall on top of the ladder, avoiding the porcupine.

Climb down the ladder and fall down the ledge.

Walk right and climb down the ladder. Fall into the pit with egg #5. Since it's the last egg to collect, it doesn't matter that you're stuck.