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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Level 4

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This is Forest Falls, Level 4. You have 7 eggs to collect and 1 teleportation item available.

Climb down the ladder, when the porcupine is to the left of it.

Walk over to the right and collect egg #1.

Follow the porcupine and it heads leftward, then climb the ladder to avoid it when it comes back.

Climb back down the ladder when the porcupine is on the right side of it.

Walk over to your left and grab egg #2.

Go back up the ladder you started at, avoiding the porcupine on the way. Use your single teleport to get to the bridge above the ladder.

You'll see an egg above you. Climb one of the ladders and collect egg #3.

Walk over to the far-left and climb down the short ladder here. Grab egg #4 from here.

Climb back up the ladder and then climb the first ladder on your right. Grab egg #5, found to the left of the top of the ladder.

Head to the right and collect egg #6.

Go down the upper-right ladder and then drop off the edge to reach egg #7. Level complete!