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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Defend the Ark

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Pick up the weapon indicated and move on.

Transform into a vehicle and folow the road.

Help Ratchet fix Silverbolt.

Help Cliffjumper save a felow Autobot.

Folow Warpath

Keep folowing Warpath as you clearout enemies.

Pull the lever to the left and use the turret to shoot down the desepticons.

With the help of Warpath pull down the bomb.

Wait for the electricity and when its down sprint in there and grab a core.

After clearing a room of a few enemies go into the light beam to jump to the platform.

The first encounter of this enemy simply shoot him in the back.

After u activate a jump pad u will ,shortly after going to the top, get attacked by two of these guys. Remember shoot them in the back.

After killing the two dudes u will activate a switch to power the artillery.

Pull a lever that will activate the artillery, then proceed to it.

Pull the lever for AWESOME.