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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Eye of the Storm

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Folow Jazz.

Use your cloak to hide from the oncoming enemies.

Sneak kill the remaining desepticon.

Blow the ruble.

Pull the lever in order to open the door.

Folow the enemies and wait for an oportunity to sneak attack them.

After clearing out the desepticon pull yet another lever.

Again another lever, you should pull it.

I swear this level should be called ''Pull the levers to win''.

Run away from the never ending waves of attacking desepticon.

After killin the first specila enemie one moar will come out with two normal despticom. Remember u cant cloak threw the green lasers.


Climb up the stairs and enjoy the sceneri.

Hey guys, you know what this is? Its a lever. And u know what u should do? Yup, pull it.

After killing the enemies in the room u will have to pull a lever. Suprise, suprise moar levers.

When a cutscene ends u will have to traverse the rust storm. Just folow the path but be carefule there are enemies.

Knock, knock. Whos is there? Its a lever.

Help jazz get up.

When u walk in to a open room u will encounter an new enemy tipe. Just shoot them before they shoot you they are weak.

Put a bomb on the ruble to clear the path.

Escort the bomb but dont let the enemies destroy it. They are above you as well as on the ground.

Manually detonate the bomb by putting another bomb on it.