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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Cut and Run

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Pull down the branches to proceed forward.

Shoot the fueltank and turn into vehicle mode and run!!

Shoot the fueltanks and blast your way threw.

Shoot the giant crane to help Cliffjumper.

Pull down the metal doors.

Pull the lever to move the giant robot.

Pull the metal junk of the gears. Be carefull enemies are all around you.

After shooting a chain jump to the platform and pull the door down. Shoot the snipers first.

Pull the bars to keep moving forward.

Pull the lever to open the door.

After fighting about three waves of enemies in a closed room pull the lever and go threw the door.

Pull the pipes down to make a bridge.

After pulling the gears to open a door for Cliffjumper pull down the bars.

Pull the lever to light the room for Cliff.

Defende Cliff from attacking enemies.

After blowing down the doors transform and run quickly.