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Unturned Walkthrough Getting Started

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Welcome to Unturned! A fun zombie survival game that is fun to play with friends. There are a lot of things you have to do to get to this point. So let's get started.

Here you are. You spawned in and you really don't know what to do. Well, first thing is first is to find out where you're at and find a spot to loot.

Here is a screenshot of the map that is available (i think they may have removed it in-game) for you to get. The x is of course, where my character is. This map should be a good reference to see where you are and where you wanna get to.

TIP: Your screen turns gray when you get hit and your health lowers.

TIP: 100% on anything means you need some. I have 100% dehydration.

TIP: If you don't wanna go around naked, you might wanna get some clothing around the towns.

TIP: Be careful when you're going down the ladder because if you fall...

You'll break your bones and can't sprint.