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Unturned Walkthrough Fighting Zombies

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When you're not not alone wonderng around the wilderness naked, you're probably fighting zombies.

When there is a zombie and you have no weapons, punch it while walking backwards.

It's pretty efficient.

But you don't wanna do that all day. So, find a town and go around to loot a weapon.

In this house, I founda Maplestrike which is one of the assault rifles in the game. The clip beside it is the right one for this gun and the right clip can be hard to find.

Melee weapons are good too. Axes are probably one of the best melee weapons in the game right now.

WARNING: This airport has so many zombies...but there can be some good loot.

Maybe not so many, right?

And this is all you will need to know to survive Unturned! I hope you enjoy this game and this walkthrough!