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Warframe Walkthrough Advanced

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Picking your teammates can be very important. Some are utterly worthless, some lag your game to bits and some are even AFK. Keeping an eye on who you play with or even getting a couple of friends to accompany you is always a good idea.

You may also come across these "Shiny" containers. They need to be destroyed either by bullets or by your swords to drop loot.

Loot varies greatly and sometimes you need a really versatile aresenal in Warframe to finish certain missions. In this case, the container dropped sniper ammo and I couldn't pick it up cause I don't have a sniper on me.

Spells and special abilities are another very important aspect of Warframe. As my MAG warframe is control freak, my starting skill is to warp a zone in the room, pulling enemies towards a point..

There are also several enviromental advantages scattered throughout the game. Shooting these barrels for example, releases a huge firebomb.

Utilizing your skills and getting the most of them is very important.

Tugging a heavy enemy down onto his stomach and then spraying him with gunfire when there's nobody around does not do much good as skills require energy to be used.

Using it with a bunch of enemies however, can be invaluable.

Especially If you follow-up with a sword ground slam.

Making these barrels explode in your face is a bad idea so watch out what you shoot and where you swing.

You can and almost most likely will run out of ammo in this game. Use your sword whenever possible and scavenge for ammo 24/7.

There are also other sources of loot besides ammo and money. Namely, orbs. Red ones, heal you. Blue ones are shields and this one recharges your power to use skills.

Almost all weapons in Warframe can be used as a sniper. Although often not very effectively so.

Sliding downwards give you huge speed-boosts, so fast that you end up flying. To slide, run with (SHIFT) and then press (CTRL).

Doing a small competitive race on just whom can get to the finish first is usually a fun, end-game activity when you are about to complete a mission.

While you are waiting, you may also enjoy and open some of the nearby containers at the end. They often house decent sums of cash.

If you want to put a fire under your teammates rear ends, simply stand next to the ship to give them a deadline.

When done, a friendly ship will escort you off the location.

The game will reward not only your account, but also your warframe and weapons. In this case, I used my rifle alot and It got the most XP.

It will also compare you to your fellow teammates and the one that does the most, gets the most reward usually.

The game will also reward you with crafting material most of the time. In this case, I got 78 units of Ferrite to complement a 1000 credit cash payment.