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Welcome to Portforward's guide to Warframe! As this game is borderline an MMORPG, I'll be going over the basic controls, the in-game crafting and the overall hang of the Warframe universe.

When you are done with the opening sequence of the game, go ahead and pick your starting warframe. Warframes are an oddity in the gaming industry. They are a mix of a class and your armor. It's hard to explain but for now I would recommend Excalibur as It's the destined "newbie" warframe but for this guide, we'll be picking Mag.

The other alternatives are Loki, a "Sneaky" warframe, specializing in stealth. I would not at all recommend this one as stealth is rather bugged in this game as of right now.

Third, but not least is Mag. A "control-freak" warframe that utlizies various crowd controlling abilities in order to destroy his opponents. We'll be picking him for demonstration purposes.

When first starting out, you should get an "Login of the day" reward. Bigger bonuses can be found on weekends or by logging in consecutively every day.

You should be treated to the beginning universe. It may look "small" for an MMORPG but this is just a drop in the ocean with dozens and dozens of other systems.

You will progress through systems by clicking on them and doing a mission. If you see this symbol over a planet, you should by all means participate in that mission at such time. It gives huge reward boosts and unique items If succeded.

The game SHOULD automatically probe around your router/modem a bit and see If you have sufficient internet settings before beginning in any missions but If you don't, this window will pop up. If this happens, simply refer to the guide on how to portforward the routers 3960 & 3962 UDP and UPnP If you have it on.. This website, yours truly. <-------

I would also heavily recommend customizing your options before proceeding any further. V-Sync should only be enabled If you have screen tearing as this game is rather poorly optimized for most systems right now.

If you are iffy about being matched up against people with high pings, you can raise the ping required standard at the cost of having a smaller chance of being matched up with other people. Warframe's lag can take you out of the experience quite a bit so If you are picky, I recommend about 120-160 ping max instead of the standard 250.

The mouse sensitivity is also quite high. Again, tweak 'till you're pleased.