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Warframe Walkthrough Basics

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Warframe is a game almost entirely about free movement. You can run up walls, run alongside them, sprint at high speeds, perform dives and even fly later on. Learning this fully takes hundreds of hours so don't sweat it if you get particularly heavily pounded.

Pressing (E) once makes your character use his/her sword/melee weapon. Holding it will perform a stronger attack but at a much bigger delay.

The gun-handling is like any other FPS/TPS. M1 to fire, M2 to zoom in.

There are loads of different moves and combinations to be used with several weapons in Warframe. One particularly effective AoE one is jumping up, then holding down (E). This will cause you to smash your melee weapon into the ground or into an unsuspecting foe.

To begin, simply select a planet and click "Play Now".

You'll be treated to a small cinematic.

Press (ESC) and then click OK to confirm. These happen every single time you start a match for loading reasons.

The areas of Warframe may be intimidating at first but you have a handy-dandy minimap at the top left.

Following the red symbol will lead you to either monsters, unfriendly npcs or other objectives that need your tending. In my case, my objective was to just kill everything.

You have two resources of health in Warframe. One is your shields. As my Warframe is more of a "technical" one, my shields are higher, but my HP is lower. Meaning, I should avoid sustained damage.

Using a combination of your firearms and your sword is the quickest way to kill enemies in this game unless you spec otherwise.

The game also features a semi-dynamic enviroments with rather light-intensive elements. If you are an epileptic, I would not recommend this game.

To open containers like these that are full of loot, press (X) while next to them.

Some objectives may need you to do small miniquests. In this case, I need to hack a door panel.

The mini-game here is to make all the lines lead to eachother.

Clicking on them makes them turn around to meet one another. Not doing this within the timeline will result in an alarm going off or worse.

Successfully staying alive, killing enemies and completing objectives is how you level up in Warframe.

When you do level up during a mission, you get rewarded with a HP refill and additional ammo.