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World Of Goo Walkthrough Incineration Destination

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This level will be the most difficult one so far. It requires a rather massive, heavy bridge that will need to be fully burn-able and still have connectivity between two places after demolition.

We achieve this by first building a steady support-beam against the sticky mountain

Buiild the first step in the form of a WHEEL! Crucial!

The extend it into another half-wheel.

After that, box-build until you wake up the other red goo's hanging from the cliff's edge

When they do wake up, connect yourself to them as fast as possible before your construct collapses into the flames.

Grab the two awakened bombs and attach them to both the row of matches and the stone-bricks that are keeping you out from your objective.

Make sure to connect your bomb where you began to the match behind it, otherwise everything will fail.

Then complement your structure by using the sliver-goo's as a floor above your existing red goo bridge.

Building in 3 string is the most effective.

Once you connect the silver goo's from where you began to the other ones, you can light the fuses.

Clumsily building a box tower down will achieve this.

After some fire hazard, the bombs will explode and you will have a nice, string of silver goo's still connecting the two sides.

The red girl goo's will latch on to your silver bridge and travel to the other side.

Build a clumsy tower box up to the red pipe..

Initiate the gravity pull and the level is complete.