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World Of Goo Walkthrough Upper Shaft

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This level introduces explosion-physics. Your task is to lower a cased bomb down to a pair of walls and detonate it.

Start by building a side-rope using your green goo's.

You set two on the side, both connecting to a middle goo and then remove the middle goo.

This will cause the rope to divert to the goo's you just placed, adding length to your rope.

Repeat this until you are at an appropriate length.

Once your bomb is in clear level with the walls that needs to be removed, start to build a tower downwards into the flames.

Once they reach a point, the red goo's will catch fire and cause a chain reaction up to the bomb.

Once the walls exploded, you are given access to a box with a high concentration of black goo's.

You need to cross to the other side and transfer the solid-black goo's into the pipe. Start with creating leverage with the enviroment, particulary the roof.

Then start constructing outwards, over the flame. Don't worry, you wont catch fire.

What will happen is that your bridge will start to bend significantly while there are both spinning gears and spikes at the other end, preventing you from seeking any kind of leverage.

The trick here is to build upwards, towards the rope in the roof which was holding the bomb case.

Attach your construct to it and you should get the required support

Build a slim box-design to the pipe, start the gravity pull and the level is complete.

If additional goo's are required, you can recycle some from the rope. Just pull them off one by one and lead them into the pipe.