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World Of Goo Walkthrough You Have To Explode The Head

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As the name suggest, this level features a gigantic, spiked spinning robot head with an explosive device far above it. You need to wake up that bomb, attach it to the head much like a blow-fish goo mixed with a skull goo and then detonate it using fire.

Start with building a very wide, solid platform, even extending itself under the source of flame

Then build a support-tower at one side

And a reaching tower at the other side.

Connect them to each other for support and continue building upwards.

While it is possible to simply build a very tall tower and then tip it onto the bomb, waking it up, I went ahead and built a solid standing piece for this walkthrough.

Add more support to your structure when needed. I had to use two sticks connecting to the support tower for it to hold above the head

Extend a goo to the bomb and it will wake up.

Once it has waken up, feel free to burn down your structure.

Attach the bomb to the head and a bunch of red goo's

Extend a goo to the fire

And watch the robot head blow up, revealing a pipe behind it.

Build yourself up with the remaining goo's and the level is completed.