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World Of Goo Walkthrough The Third Wheel

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One of the more annoying levels, it introduces the blowfish goo, capable of latching onto surfaces while being tied with other goo's

Build a small tower and use the blowfish to latch onto the above "wheel".

While at this point, release the blowfish and nit it onto the second wheel

Keep going without doing anything at this point. You will need those skulls.

After going one more lap on the second wheel, use the skulls as legs against the third wheel. It kills any non-skull goo it connects with.

Then with great precision and timing, latch onto one of the wheel's "Chimney's" using your blowfish.

You should travel all the way around without any problems and with all of your goo still on the tower

Later you will be intended to smash into the ground, destroying your construct and pouring all your goo down a hole.

Latch one of the goo's onto the pipe and the level is complete.