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World Of Goo Walkthrough Chapter 3 "Cog in The Machine"

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Burning Man

This level introduces a new flammable red-goo.

It involves getting the large, blocky head downwards so you can access the pipe. You do this by causing a flammable chain-reaction from the pre-set series of red goo's.

Start with building a support-beam to reach the flames.

Continue adding onto it while building as close to the roof as possible

Continue extending it and add more beam-support as needed

Reach out to the flame, and even if your construct snaps, the chain reaction will already be under-way,

Wait for it to consume your construction

And watch "The burning man" drop down.

Now, you have a box, some black goo and two balloons to reach the pipe to the right.

Use the spinning momentum tactic practiced in earlier levels

To cause the box to shift towards the right.

Let it float up with the two balloons and the level is complete.