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World Of Goo Walkthrough Beauty and the Electric Tentacle

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This level will heavily rely on quick manouvering of balloon physics to guide a large lady-goo into a pair of grinders.

Start off with extending your already long string of black goo

Make sure not to have it touch the ground or it'll get destroyed

Keep adding balloons as you extend your rope, taking caution to not make it pit-dive into the ravine

Eventually, you'll reach the other cliff. But don't stop building because of that. Use all your black goo's to extend the rope as far as possible.

Once you have the entire series of black goo extending the rope, use next to all your ballons at the end, leaving only 2-3 behind. If you've lost a few balloons during the rope-building, you may have to retry.

Go back to the other end and start to use some of your spare balloons behind the lady goo.

The rise from the balloons will push her over the pole and onto the rope you just constructed.

It should give you just enough room to have her not fall into the pit.

Now take the ballons behind the pole and use them behind her again, raising the rope and pushing her upwards.

When she touches the edge of the cliff, start relocating your front ballons behind her.

This will cause her to roll ontop of the cliff and into the ravines once you remove all the balloons from the front of the rope.

She'll then roll onto the cogwheels and shatter

Rolling down into the ground and onto the box next to the pipe.

Extend one of the white goo's you have there into the pipe and the level is complete.