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World Of Goo Walkthrough Welcoming Unit

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You'll be greeted with a bit of a terrifying bunch of mechanical contraptions, involving but not limited to a gigantic slime-wheel, grinders and large amounts of liquids

The objective is to get a large amount of goo into the pipe behind all of these contraptions

Start off with by grabbing two balloons from the nearby cloud

And attach them to the longer grinding arm

This will cause it to lift, granting you passage

Then grab a green goo and create a singular triangle structure onto the spinning wheel

This will cause the goo's in the water to attach and travel up the transport band. This may be needed to be repeated by attaching more green goo's to get all of the other black goo's up

They will roll around, onto the second grinder

And then violently scatter out behind it, into the second pool of water

If you spilled any serious amount of black goo's, simply recycle by lifting the green goo's back to where you started and repeat the gathering

Grab the rest of the balloons on the cloud

And attach them to the floating box in the second pool of water

This will lift the box along with all your goo up to the pipe, finishing the level