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World Of Goo Walkthrough Blustery Day

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This will be one of the more trickier levels for a while. Start off with connecting a long series of linear snot goo's on the ground

4-5 should do the trick

Then attach some balloon goo's to the string, not at the end orelse it'll fly up into the windmill and get destroyed

This will most likely require a lot of experimenting at your part, so do not hesitate to use the time-flies if needed

Get your string of snot goo at a sufficient high enough point where you'll still be getting strong winds, but nothing that would threaten your loose end into connecting with the windmill

Proceed with carefully but quickly adding balloons to your end

Once the end itself is in the air, add more snot-goo onto the end, extending it

Be very quick with complementing with a balloon at this point, orelse it will head-dive into the windmill. If you have trouble targeting the balloon goo's on the string amongst all the snot, simply apply them to the string itself for ease of access as demonstrated to the left here

After it's on a decent height, continue adding snot and balloons.

Until about here. Now you'll only want to add snot, giving your structure some weight so it'll start going down towards the pipe behind the windmill

Careful to not add too many, you'll be running out of goo at this point and balloons do not count as goo

Keep on adding length while watching the joint you constructed over the windmill

Once you have the required length, start adjusting the downwards-going snot angle by redirecting the balloons ontop

If it's going too much to the right, move back a few balloons

Be careful not to do any too drastic changes orelse your structure will get sliced

Eventually it should swing in and get the gravity pull from the pipe, quickly sucking up all your goo. If it pops during the sucktion, use a time-fly and adjust accordingly

And don't forget to use all your balloons, the stronger upwards at the joint, the better.