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World Of Goo Walkthrough Ode to the Bridge Builder

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In this segment, you'll encounter a gigantic ravine, needing to build a rather extensive bridge between the two seeming mountain-tops

Contrary to the very first gap-closing level, building upwards is a very bad idea. Not only will you not have enough viable room to actually build a room due to hitting the skybox, but your structure will also snap on it's way down. Instead, we'll be building our bridge straight out

Build with plenty friction against the wall and as far down as you can. This thing will be huge.

After you're on a good size, start to slowly build outwards

Eventually it will start to bend.

Building support-strings helps this issue somewhat

But eventually, you're gonna need an entire network to keep it up

Keep building outwards

Adding support as you go

Then gain some height on that structure, nothing pointing straight up, just keep it straight from your side or it'll snap

Eventually, it'll start to bend dramatically, at this point, you just need to speed-build it outwards

Getting it to even remotely touch with the other side. That will buy you a sufficient amount of time..

To hook onto the surface.

After that, wake up the rest of the goo, build a box and watch the pipe gravity suck up all of the goo's

Some people have trouble with this one even after a step-by-step so here's a oversight on my quick one