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World Of Goo Walkthrough Chain

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This level may seem daunting at first due to it's cheer size but It's fairly straight-forward.

First instead of building straight up, you'll want to get down first using your green, recycable goo's to get the black goo's which will be required to reach the above pipe

Make a downwards strut, nothing spectacular but pay heed to the rotative motion of the middle-stone

And create a reaching hand into the middle of the concentracted group of goo

Additional length may be required to reach the further away, sleeping one's.

Once the black goo's are up on the main string, start disassembling your green strut

Until nothing remains

Repeat the process on the same side, paying heed to the rotating motion here as well

Make sure to get all of the black goo's, you'll need every single one

Now the critical part. While the pipe is not far away, the rotating stone makes it incredibly difficult to decide where to place your tower.

For this walkthrough, I placed it on the right side due to the more lenient angle

After that, it's a simple matter of building a leaning tower.

Then a box-shape.

The stone will keep on rolling at it's same degree, speed and motion so don't be afraid from making your tower a bit fat and heavy

When you have a decent height, build out a reaching arm, taking advantage of the extra reach the rotation gives you

And the gravity pull from the pipe should do the rest!

Disassembly afterward may be required to reach the required amount.