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World Of Goo Walkthrough Ivy Towers

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In this level, a new kind of goo is introduced. It is capable of being disassembled after being placed without having to reverse time. Very handy.

Start with building yourself upwards, allowing further placement

And while doing so, remember to press yourself up against the walls as much as possible along with creating as many stringed placements as possible for stability

I recommend building straight upwards followed by outwards, you'll see why in a second

These will be your next support-beams. Place them with caution.

Now, while going too far up, collect all the sleeping green goo's at the bottom by extending one of your current ones down there

After you're done..

Simply remove him and use them to build further upwards

As usual, stick to the walls and keep going up, up, up

And don't be cheap with the 3-stringed ones, they're important.

You should still have plenty goo's at this point. Keep going upwards

While you reach the next sign, you should have ran out/be close to running out of goo. In this case, simply go back all the way down..

And start to slowly disassemble your building and refurbish the goo's at the top

Again, stick to the walls.

After a while, you should see the pipe a screen-length above the sign. The trees will get really wide at this point which is when your 3-stringed goo's get in handy.

Continue to carefully disassemble your bottom. If you mess up, do not hesitate to click the time-flies at the sides to reverse any wrong actions.

While building symmertically up is probably the best idea, I went for a straight-up design, using the kind gravity-pull that the pipe generates when a goo is in proximity.

Continue to disassemble the bottom and drag them up until you have the required amount to finish the level. Green goo's are quite sticky and should only collapse in extreme circumstances involving minimal/no leverage

But if you do mess up, time-fly away!

The level only requires two goo so If you mess up badly somewhere in the middle, quickly drag up some of the bottoms and throw them into the pipe during the sucktion.