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World Of Goo Walkthrough Small Divide

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This is an overview of level 2, The Small Divide. The object is to just like the other map, get all the slimes into the pipe.

Start with using the same method as the first map and start creating small boxes using your slimes to gain height. Be sure to have them at just the right distance where the white lines, symbolizing a possible line-placement to gain the maximum amount of height per slime

Continue your construct upwards

When reaching the point where you can no longer see the ground, start to gently destabilize your now standing bridge

Begin with making an lenient slime outwards, causing your tower to lean over the cliff

Then add a "Weight" at the top (or the bottom) to cause your tower to tip

If it doesn't have enough weight at this point, simply add another slime outwards

By now, your tower should lean directly into the pipe, sucking up your slimes in a timely fashion