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At first peek, it looks quite easy

Until you get a view of the massive chain-saw inbetween you and the exit

Start with placing your first goo as close as you can to the chainsaw, you'll see why in a second

Create the next goo as far out as possible, preferrably a tiny bit upwards

Then create your third goo segment as close to the chains as possible, like the first one

This will cause your construct to bulge downwards, don't freight though, this is a good thing. You have now made your very critical support beam, leaning on the ground the way we want it

Continue by extending your bridge as subtly as possible, weight is a big issue here

Your extended bridge should look like this, allowing reach dangerously close to the chainsaw at your next placement

Now, very carefully place your next goo in breathing distance to the chainsaw, do not fret if it gets destroyed, you'll have an abundance of time-flies around your screen. Click one if your goo gets destroyed by the chainsaw to revert time by one turn.

While it is bouncing towards the chainsaw, quickly drag an additional weight outwards, away from the chainsaw

Now you should have a stable construct that is dangerously close to the chainsaw, but not in risk of touching it.

Build another goo straight up, preferrably a tiny bit away to not create possibilities for any accidents

After that, add yet another weight, it should lean subtly to the left

Now add another triangular-shape, allowing for more placements to the right

Then quickly place a "foot" on the ground above the chainsaw and you are safe.

Your entire jointed-bridge should look like this

Now continue adding goo on the floor, waking up the other goo's

While you are doing so, keep in mind to make it fairly square and sturdy since you'll need to go up

Add another joint and two for the final piece

Then one upwards at the pipe and you're golden

Don't forget to wait a second for all of the goo to both wake up and travel towards the pipe.