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You'll be greeted by a large hole, full with spinning hexagons and gadgets along with a square-box, riddled with green goo's.

With the pipe being stationary all the way at the top

Here's the trick to this map: As you build, the map spins..

Moving the building square at the middle.

The way to beating this map is not by our usual route of upwards, but sideways.

As the map spins, so will your goo construct. Take advantage of this and create several networks of legs

When it rolls over, you'll land on these new "legs", allowing you to build att he directions you couldn't before.

Continue doing this and try to stretch them as much as possible outwards, away from the center of your box.

You'll end up with a star-like design

Keep making it grow in size as it spins around and..

Eventually, it will grow to a large, ball-size

It may seem viable to build a straight-up tower mid-way..

But It'll evidently fall over where you don't want it to, wasting you precious goo's.

Continue growing your ball until you're at LEAST 1-2 goo's away

Then you can dart up a tower and get the required amount of goo processed through the pipe.

Be quick about it though, the gravity is not strong enough to keep your construct in place and will tip over. Hopefully, you've gotten enough goo's out at this point.