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World Of Goo Walkthrough Fisty's Bog

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This level greets you with a rather absurd frog-looking creature, spewing out black and red goo out from it's maw, forming two connected boxes.

The goal is to get to the distant pipe on the other side of the "Valley"

While avoiding the danger of spikes at the top and bottom.

Start out by simply extending the box concept

Eventually, your box-extension will start to lean dangerously close to the floor

This is when you start to take use of the red, balloon goo's to raise the platform just enough.

Continue extending like this

Until you get a decent length. At this point, the bridge will either plummet to the bottom or skyrocket to the roof, which neither we want to happen. Timing is key here.

While barely avoiding the spikes, put your end-balloon on the bottom section of your box platform

That way, the rope will not extend it's way to the spikes and you'll have just enough time to extend further into the pipe

With precise timing, your tip should extend into the pipe and start the gravity pull, holding your bridge in-place as the rest of the goo enters.