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World Of Goo Walkthrough Regurgitation Pumping Station

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This is one of the more trickier levels, involving some easter-eggs required to win. Start by building a gigantic ball-shape using the dozens of green goo's on the box

It's a bit difficult to build as the liquids splashes your structure around but you'll get the hang of it after a few tries. Try to build with three-strings, maximizing your size gain

When the size is sufficient, start seeking friction from the wall. This will not only stop your platform from moving erratically but also start you on your way upwards

Once you have a solid platform, start building up

You'll eventually reach a nuzzle with spinning wheels. Same rule here, seek friction from the walls and keep going up

It's quite long but you have an abundance of goo so don't sweat about the milimeters of string

About 70% of the way up, you will run out of goo. In this case, simply go back down..

And start recycling your bottom goo.

Make sure to get the ones in the water as well.

Keep building upwards

Keep recycling, don't worry about it snapping. It will hold with just one line

At the end, you may build a massive tower, reaching up to the skybox if you're proficient but once you reach there, there will be no pipe. The trick is to take the monster's eyes and attach them to a piece of your strcture, making them function as balloons

Two or three should be more than sufficient to lift a small box above the skybox, finishing the level