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World Of Goo Walkthrough Tower of Goo

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You will be greeted on a hill, in the middle of a down-pour consisting of goo along with a small box. Where is the pipe you may ask? Up. Very, very, very, high up.

First step is to build an arching base, reaching preferrably all the way to the sides of your screen.

Continue then by building a gigantic pyramid. Think the Eiffel tower.

Make sure to deck them like cards, rising upwards, not from the sides. If you do from the side, your entire structure will wobble later

After you have stapled them upwards, connect them all by using singular goo's as strings.

Rice and repeat.

If you find yourself running out of space like this

Simply widen the structure starting from the bottom sides.

Add structural support where needed

Then ontop of that pyramid, start building your typical box-tower, taking into account of the high wind you'll receive at this altitude

Reach up to the pipe in quick succession..

And you should be safe.