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World Of Goo Walkthrough Fly Away Little Ones

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The most extensive map using the balloon physics so far..

The goal is to get a hexagonical cube over to another cliff using only balloons. And the way you do this..

Is through using the spinning momentum you get from suddenly dropping weight in back (detatching a balloon in the rear) and the sudden increase in pulling weight in the front (attaching a balloon in the front)

You keep on slowly inching it towards the other cliff, occacionally looking down to make sure you don't go too far

And simply remove 1 out of the 3 balloons to make your hexagon cube slowly sink to the surface.

While all the other goo's are on, start to gain momentum again, this time back to the left

While you're above the maw, VERY gently start to remove weight and make your hexagon cube shrink into the space

In-between the teeth. Destroying your cube partially is completely normal

If you want a higher yield, you can use one of the snot goo's in combination with the balloons to slowly drop your goo's into the pipe.

It may require a retry or two but eventually you'll get the hang of it.