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World Of Goo Walkthrough Volcanic Percolator Day Spa

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A very confusing level at first. First objective is to push the big girl goo up towards the ceiling

To a big grinder that will crush her into smaller pieces of goo, letting her fall down the hole into the pipe.

Start by building yourself upwards using the green goo. You'll notice that you can place them clipping into her. Doing so will slowly push her off. You will use this to move her towards the grinder, bit by bit.

Keep building yourself to the ledges

When you reach this point, the best thing to do is to build "Security" rails so she doesn't roll off your goo's and off the ravine, failing the level.

You achieve this by building two towers, not too thin or they'll snap from the pressure

And try to not block that exhaust pipe while building the right tower. We'll need it to be clear later.

Avoid that black flower for now. Touch it and you'll fail the level.

Be careful not to let your left tower lean too much. Build a bit inward orelse enviromental hazards from the flower is unavoidable

Now that you got your two security rails up, start pushing the large lady goo upwards by placing green goo's just below her center

This will cause her to bounce upwards

Keep going untill she is sucked upwards by the water stream and into the grinder

Where she will shatter into several tiny goo's and then forced through the exhaust pipe

They will pour into your green-goo structure like normal goo's and float aimlessly around, not wanting to go to the bottom, reaching the pipe by themselves.

You can either build a very slim green structure downwards to the pipe..

Or touch the flower.

It will disintegrate your entire green-goo structure, leaving only the lady-goo parts remaining

Once your entire structure is gone, the lady goo parts will fall down the pit

And onto a square. Take the green goo on this square in the liquid and extend it towards the red pipe. It will cause the gravity pull and complete the level.