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World Of Goo Walkthrough Genetic Sorting Machine

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This level is rather lengthy but fairly simple.

Start by pushing up the "ugly" lady goo heads up against the left, large tube contraption

Much like a normal pipe, this will suck her up

And throw her into a pair of grinders.

Her remains will then fill a hole we need to pass later with our beautiful lady goo head.

Push up the rest of the ugly lady heads..

And keep the pretty one for last

By now the hole should be filled.

Push up the pretty (Pink) lady goo head against the right large pipe

She should be sucked up and spit into the right hole

Landing safetly in a green-goo net.

Break the net and she should fall down, rolling over the now-safe spike pit thanks to the remains of the other heads

And then sucked upwards as she reaches the end of the tunnel

Remove the next net that catches her and let her float up to the grinders.

After some lengthy pipe-travel..

You should reach the end of the stage.

All the red-lady goo parts are now on a thin piece of string that needs to be raised up towards a pipe above.

Attach 4 balloons onto the triangle device and the "hand" should lift your goo bits up..

Towards the pipe, causing a gravity pull and ending the level along with Chapter 2, showing you a cutscene on how the woman you just gave the girl-goo parts powers the entire world with energy.