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World Of Goo Walkthrough Misty's Long Bony Road

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A rather copy-pasted map with a new kink; Player-placed floor support pillars featuring the new "goo" type, Skulls. They can touch and press up against hazardous material and be re-used. We must use this to elapse a very long and deadly valley to the vertical pipe at the end.

Start out by putting some support-pillars in the mouth, the upper muzzle counts as roof and gives stability to your construct. Then use one of the skulls where the first hill-bend is

After that, continue building a box-shaped bridge

Make sure to place the skulls at safe spots before your bridge starts to bend like crazy.

Usually it supports 3-4 more goo's before bulging.

Don't be afraid to try some support pillars, just make sure they're directly over the skulls

At this point, you should be out of skulls. Build a support-blob at this spot and go back to your frog

Grab the first skull and re-use it. They're recycle-able without limit.

Place it against the hill where you will have nice leverage for height. You're gonna need it over this hill

Place another skull as you cross the hill, preferrably sloping a bit downwards

Add another skull for safety..

Extend the bridge one more blob and the level is complete.