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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Walkthrough Squad Setup, Classes and Alternative Notes

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As mentioned before, squad-members in Xcom all have names, abilities and loadouts available to them.

The only thing they have in common is the unassigned "Rookie" status, Whereas they engage in combat, get kills or simply participate to receive experience through fire and get a random class assigned to them determined by several hidden factors.

You have four slots to work with in your loadout screen. The main one is armor. This is what we are trying to spear-head research right now. AKA, Improved survivability for our soldiers so they can learn, live and fight another day.

Second is weapons. This is a very slippery route to spearhead scientifically and this screen explains why. Assault rifles are for rookies and medics. The other classes all require their specific styles of weapons. Assault = Shotgun. Sniper = Sniper Rifle. Heavy = LMG.

Third is their backup weapon. Very rarely of significance, the pistol is the kind of weapon you have to pull out and fire with If you are stuck with a weapon that has no magazine in it or If an enemy just requires a small poke to go down.

Fourth but not least is the item slot. This one is rather universal as It can either house grenades, medkits or even extra labs of armor.

Apperances, voices and other cosmetic factors can also be customized in a variety of combinations but only for astethic purposes.

Almost all battles are the same. You land, you get out, and you scout the place until you run into nasty aliens. To have a bigger shot of finding said aliens, there are often subliminal hits on the maps themselves, in this case, we can see a trail of green goo going up.

Rightfully so, aliens were just a feet up ahead.

"Corridor" fighting like these are usually pretty drawn-out unless you got a sniper or a heavy.

Firing at enemies behind "Full cover" will almost always result in a miss.

And not getting in position is almost always a deadly consequence. Here two more aliens popped up just above my soldiers. If I had run down the corridor of trucks towards the aliens, we'd be dead.

Luckily, I had my sniper placed just right and managed to pick off the very distant brainlinked alien, killing two baddies in one shot.

I could very easily have missed and while snipers are usually accurate at long ranges, they can still miss alot, and they do, leaving the class itself to be a rather risky alternative to say, an assaulteer with a shotgun that has a 100% hit in close proximity.

Getting close-up enough is a very good way to train your "Rookies" with assault rifles. Flank enemies and they almost always have atleast a 80-100% hit ratio, leaving it for an easy kill, AKA, an easy level-up.

Xcom remains however, a rather open-worlded kind of strategy games. Houses, obstacles and in this case, this truck spacing are all enter-able, destructable and abuseable both for you and the enemy to take cover from, or even to scale and gain a height advantage for increased hit %.

Sticking to what you know and flanking however, is also a very viable method of dealing with most enemies.

Through careful planning and not rolling the dice too much, this mission was completed in just minutes.

Diverting up the kills between two soldiers made them both level up this time instead of just one guy.

However, picking Canada over the other alternatives has now resulted in the "Panic level" being increased as abductions run rampart. To truly lose at Xcom, the panic rating will have to grow out of control and cut out the global support for Xcom, thereby ending the game in a Game Over.

Our careful planning is about to pay off however, as the satellites we built just got finished and we can immediately deploy one to America for a huge 270 cash increase per MONTH. Fully deploying a satellites to cover the entirety of a continent will come with exclusive bonuses depending on just what continent there is.

But with like anything else, It can't all be sunshine. In this case, we don't have any airbase set up in America yet, meaning any UFO's we detect cannot be intercepted and shot down before kidnapping starts. We will be able to expand on this later through building more aircrafts and reallocating them to that contintent.