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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Walkthrough The Basics

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Xcom: Enemy Unknown is a semi turn-based strategy shooter where all units have a limited amount of moves to make before the enemy acts. You select a soldier by clicking on them or by using (TAB) and then clicking on a location to make him relocate there. The blue outline symbolizes how far he can move.

After moving once, you have the option to move even further at the cost of ending his action points. Special abilities unlocked later will allow you to act even after moving twice. More on that later.

As attractive as It is to sprint further away, Xcom: Enemy Unknown is all about pacing yourself and proceeding with caution while arming yourself against all possible situations and outcomes.

To demonstrate the importance of pacing, here I sent a soldier to sprint as far away from the landing zone as possible in one turn.

This caused nearby aliens to react to his presence..

And he ended up getting shot dead out from cover in an instant.

Knowing however, where the enemies are is important as It allows proper placement for the rest of the soldiers.

Placing soldiers too far leaves them with little to no chance to hit the aliens. Especially with full-auto assault rifles.

Missing is a big aspect of Xcom. It happens often, and you should do everything to avoid it as It leaves you with your pants down.

When all of your action points are up, It's time for the aliens to act. They also act the moment you spot them so essentially, they get two turns when you get one at first. In this situation, the alien way behind cover buffed his fellow man with bonus HP and damage by "Brain linking" themselves to eachother. Kill the one behind cover, however, and both aliens will die instantly.

The linked alien shot one of my teammates behind cover against some hard odds..

And both of my soldiers taking cover ended up panicking. Panicking means that soldiers will stop following your orders on their own accord, sometimes before their turn. This can either end as a disaster or be a beneficial thing.

In this scenario, one of the soldiers tried taking some potshots at the alien far away. No success there and he wasted his turn.

Now instead of taking yet another 25% potshot from our other soldiers, we have three other alternatives. 1. Move up ahead, 2. switch to "Oversight" mode and shoot the aliens If they get any closer or 3. Hunker down for extra defense.

Looking at the first alternative, our soldier has just enough range to make it to the front of the truck If he sprints. However, as the aliens are buffed and our allies panicked, It's not a very smart move as he can get flanked without any moves if the aliens move onto the other side of the truck.

Instead, we go as close as possible while still having rounds..

And throw a frag grenate at the buffed alien.

This will not only cause large amounts of damage to the alien but It also has two hidden factors. 1. The car is prone to explode, leaving it as unreliable cover and 2. The alien is prone to death without exploding to pieces, meaning he can still be shot down and his corpse recovered scarcefully for research.

Aiming to finish the alien off, my ally unfortunately missed as he is untrained and with wrong weapons.

Eventually, the panicked soliders will snap out of their state of mind and be able to receive orders again.

Firing a couple of good rounds is all that It takes to K.O the smaller aliens.

However, moving on, more appear suddenly inside and outside of the house to our left.

Xcom is all about adapting to situations. Reallocating soldiers to apply cover between them and the threat is an absolute necessity for any and all kinds of survival.

Even the previous exploded car is now safe and arguably an even better source of cover than before as the accelerant fuel is now exhumed.

Sometimes soldier with close proximity but with no sight to the aliens themselves may be able to occassionally "hear" them. This will be symbolized as a couple of wave-lengths appearing on your HUD accompanied by alien-ish sounds.

In this case, the sound was soon accompanied by plasma gun fire..

Which collided into the enviroment, destroying it but leaving my soldier alive in the process.

It did however, leave him exposed to further attacks symbolized by the now yellow shield. It means that he's in cover, but enemies can shoot at him bypassing said cover.

Moving him up next against the ruined wall gives him not only sight that wasn't there before but a new source of cover that lets him see the aliens without them seeing him.

One clear shot later and It's another alien down.

A short 1v4 later and the job is complete.

You'll have a short briefing on what happened. In this case, one soldier died along with all the aliens.

Here's the post-modern report of what happened. One soldier who killed three aliens received a promotion as another soldier got wounded and another one died. All soldiers have nationalities, names and character traits & "classes".

In this case, "RK Gerard DeWitt" ended up being a Sniper, more on classes later.