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Welcome to Portforward's guide to Xcom: Enemy Unknown. As this game features a non-linear path progression system, I'll be going over the basics and how to have the biggest chance of beating this game.

Before starting, I'd suggest to spend a minute or two in the options menu and turn on at least autosaving which is turned off by default. If things go haywire, you can pick up the pieces.

After that, choose a difficulty and get started.

When you are done with the cutscenes, you'll be prompted to choose a starting location for your base. It will be a continental thing and every location will have their own kind of advantage. In North America, you control the air.

In Europe, you pioneer and maintain both research and engineering efforts.

In Asia, you execute various infantry reforms at half the price.

In South America, you dissect and interrogate captured aliens instantly.

In Africa, you get a flat 30%+ more monthly income.

For this guide, we'll be going with Africa's income increase as money is gold in this game and It's the most flexible resource material you could ever have.