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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 2: NEIGHBOURHOOD

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Upgrade the vehicle.

Take the health icon.

Here we go.

Get to the desired location.

Here we are,and kill all the zombies marked.

As soon as you kill the marker turns green.

Stop on the marker.

People will enter the car.

Take the health icon on the back of the house.

Now proceed to the next location on the map.

Kill all the zombies marked in the area.

Take the guns icon and shoot at zombies.

As soon as all zombies are dead the marker turns green,stop on it.

People will enter the car and also listen to the conversations..

Take the health icon.Now proceed to the base.

Run over the zombies on the way.

Look for the shortest route.

Here we are.

Park on the marker.

Here we go.

People leave the car.

Mission 2 accomplished.