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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 7: HARBOUR STENCH

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Upgrade the car.

The bridge is closing to form the way.

Here is our car.

Take the weapons.

Get to the location on the map.

Kill the zombies on the way.

Proceed through the bridge.

Look out for the health icon on the way.

Here we are.

Take out the box first.

Look for health icon if car is damaged.

Kill all of them.

Here the box is destroyed after continuous shooting.

Kill the remaining zombies.

Once all are dead the equipment gets installed.

As soon as it is installed the zombies comes to destroy it.

Kill all the zombies trying to destroy the equipment.

Here we go.

Kill all of them.

After all are dead the equipment settles.

Now take the weapons and health icons.

Proceed to next location on map.

Here we are, destroy the box first.

Look out for weapons nearby.

Here we shoot at the box.

The box is destroyed.

Kill the remaining zombies.

As soon zombies in the area are dead the equipment gets installed.

Look for health icon.

Kill the zombies destroying the equipment.

Once all are dead the equipment settles.

Take the health icon.

Now get to the base on the map.

Here we are.

Stop on the mark.

The military enters the area.

Mission accomplished.